Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What to Expect at No Frills Factory Out aka SG Kawaii Lockers

DIY erasers retailing at $9.90 are available at Box Master at Far East Plaza. 

The following DIY erasers Making Kits are available at Box Master:







Ice Cream

Jewel Ring

These rare squishes are all available at squishy lockers by No Frills Factory Outlet aka SG Kawaii.

Rare Panini by Uncle Nic's

Out of Production Cafe De N Squishes!

Kutsuwa Curry Flavoured DIY Slime Making Kit. (Available at Box Master at Far East Plaza and My Cube Biz at Downtown East)

Rocket Byun by Popin Cooking.

Meiji Hamburger Gummy Making Set.

Meiji Takoyaki Gummy Making Set.

All the Meiji products are available at Downtown East.

New Apparel are available at Boxes Play Bedok Point.

M sizes are also available for selected apparel.

Interesting adult toys to be launched on

Stud 100

For those out there that need a little help this is the product for you. Start out with one spray and go from there. This stuff can make you go rock hard. Once you figure out how much works for you, put it on 10 minutes to 2 hours before show time and then get ready to show your loved ones whats really on your mind. 

Magic Stamina Spray

The main purpose of magic stamina spray is to help maintain an erection and to help prevent premature ejaculation. Magic Stamina Spray is the latest in male sensual enhancement technology. It has proven its potency in actual tests.

If you are concerned with premature ejaculation or would just like a little more staying power, this is the spray for you. 


It's great for numbing the member before playtime. I used it once, and it did the job. The trick is to apply some, wait a few minutes, and then go to town.

Pride Pack One Condoms.

Box Shop
Products Offered
Serangoon Nex
Poker Cards
Bedok Point
Men’s Apparel
Poker Playing Cards, Mahjong Sets, Chips
Bags, Bracelets and accessories
Box Master
Far East Plaza
Poker Playing Cards
Poker Chips
Instax Mini Cameras, Printers & Films Bracelets and Studs
Handphone Accessories
Backpacks/Totes/Haversacks/Clutch bags Plush Toys
Aromatherapy kits and Incense Cones
DIY Eraser Kits
Toy Out Post
Jurong Point
Poker Playing Cards
Causeway Point #04-29
Poker Playing Cards
My Cube Biz
Downtown East E!Hub, Level 4
Poker Playing Cards
Kovan Heartland Mall Level 3
Poker Playing Cards
Peek A  Box
Bugis+ #05-10
Poker Playing Cards
Poker Chips
Men’s Apparel
Fashionable Caps
Peek A  Box
Westgate #03-42
Poker Playing Cards
Poker Chips
Ministry of Cube
Plaza Singapura
Extensive range of Poker Playing Cards
Box Boss
Century Square
Poker Playing Cards, Poker Chips
 Instax Mini Cameras, Films
Box Boss
Adding Poker Playing Cards in the near future
Box Boss
West Mall
Adding Poker Playing Cards in the near future
Box Boss
Hougang Mall
Adding Poker Playing Cards in the near future
Box Boss
Clementi Mall
Exclusive merchant for Poker Cards
Peek A  Box
Junction 8
Exclusive merchant for Poker Cards
Peek A  Box
Lot One
Exclusive merchant for Poker Cards

**Box Boss at Clementi Mall is now open. 
Peek a Box at Lot One which is located at Choa Chu Kang and Junction 8 which is located in Bishan will be opening in May.

 ***No Frills Factory Outlet aka SG Kawaii has 4 poker cards lockers at the newly open Box Boss at Clementi Mall outlet, #04-28. Drop by to see the full showcase of poker cards.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Exploring Publika

Woke up early and had breakfast with Ernest and Darryl near Bukit Bintang!

SG Kawaii: Instax Opening Sale Promo @ Hako Nex

**Hako Nex promo**
Instax opening sale promo ongoing since 16th April.

Albert, owner of No Frills Factory Outlet aka Sg Kawaii stocking up on Instax products at the couple lockers at Hako Nex.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer.

Despite the improvements in smartphone cameras lately, printing those snapshots of your beach holiday or newborn baby is often still a troublesome affair that involves fiddling with printer software on your phone or going to the neighbourhood photo kiosk.

The Fujifilm Instax Share is the answer for folks who want an easy way to print some cute Polaroid-like photos through your phone. A portable 253-gram device that slips into a bag easily, it spits out small credit card-sized prints of your smartphone photos in the simplest, idiot-proof manner.

As you’d expect from Polaroids, the prints aren’t of the highest quality if you compare them with regular prints you can get out of the high-resolution cameras on your phone these days. Yet, they are fun and easy to produce.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

John Lu's Birthday Celebration!

 Darryl, Nicholas, Jeffrey and I celebrated John's birthday. We dined at Dim Dim restaurant and then headed for bowling afterwards. It was a simple affair. Nothing fanciful. But it's the thoughts that count.

I'm just gonna spam you guys with photos of the celebration!


In love with the beef steak at pepper lunch!

Monday, April 14, 2014

No Frills Factory Outlet / SG Kawaii will be at Box Boss (Clementi Mall)

Clementi Mall Box Boss which is located at #04-28 will be opening on 16th April. Do drop by  to support No Frills Factory Outlet aka SG Kawaii.