Saturday, July 19, 2014

Issac Ritz Eats with 100 Different People: Person #40 - #47

Person #40: James Ng

Person #41: Javius Chew

Person #42: Jordan

Person #43: Adan Yap

Person #44: Scotticus Tindal.

Person #45: Wee Heng

Person #46: Kelvin

Person #47: Khammar Rhuddean 

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Meet Up With Malaysian Fashion Director and Catwalk Master, Shaun Salim

Shaun is the catwalk master in Malaysia! Have train a lot young ladies and guys to be the best models they can be both for runway and print media, from Top models, Beauty Pageant Queens, women and men that want to feel confident and have also judge, present, walked as a model for a lot high profile fashion shows in Malaysia. 

It was an honor to have met up with him again but this time round in K.L.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You'll Be at Home at Old Kim Guan

At Old Kim Guan you can enjoy the familiar tastes of home-cooked food the way mum used to make it – simple, wholesome and satisfying. These tasty dishes are served in a relaxed, casual setting, and bring back many fond memories of home. A great place to re-live much loved flavours, whether you’re dining with family or friends.

When I entered Old Kim Guan, instantly I felt as though I was at home. 

The overall ambience is homely and set in a warm lighting environment. It is clean and the staff serves with a smile and pleasant greeting. The overall touch portrays a homely feel.

Their pricing is fairly reasonable given that they open in some of the most expensive places in Singapore.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD: Let's Play Soccer

Meet Up With DJ Eddie

 DJ Eddie is one of the popular LGBT DJs in Malaysia and it was really fortunate for us to meet up with him in Kuala Lumpur!

Make Me Fall In Love With You at Azzura Gelato Bar

 Azzura has won awards annually from associations like Dairy Industry Association of Australia and the Royal Agricultural Society, testament to its dedication of providing finest Italian gelato desserts using the finest ingredients. The result of wonderful, creamy and smooth tasting gelato had won the hearts of many across Australia.

Azzura takes pride in differentiating its brand amongst competitors in the same industry. Besides constant brainstorming, creating and crafting innovative flavours of gelato, it also offers unique ice cream desserts, which are appealing to the senses of sight and taste. For instance, its new dessert line offers the Blossom Bombe, which is Nougat and Rosewater ice cream encased in a flourished casing of almonds, pistachios, cherries, sprinkled with meringue and rose petals. The Honey Bee wraps sweet Honeycomb ice cream in dark chocolate with a chocolate bee on top to finish, sparking a vast popularity among children. 

Azzura also manufactures its signature gelato flavours in 1 litre tubs, enabling consumers to bring home restaurant standard indulgence. Made with fresh Western Australian whole milk and cream, they offer an unparalleled flavour experience. 

Mazzy Creations (Located at Scape Next to MacDonalds)

Manufacture of cards, envelopes and stationery. Notebooks and a burger file. That's what Mazzy Creations is about!

These are all locally designed and handcrafted!

Remember to drop by Mazzy Creations corner when you're at Scape today!

It's just next the Mac Donalds!

Feasting at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

If you haven’t heard of Momiji, it is a Japanese restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine buffet style with a choice of over 150 culinary selections all under one roof. Sashimi, sushi, cold seafood, paper steamboat, teppanyaki, tempura and so much more. 

One does not simply eat Japanese food without sushi. They have large variety of sushi but most of which I don’t eat – like the really creamy ones. One of my favourite would be the fried sushi with tuna, and soft shell crab!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Entrepreneur and Freelance Model

The other other I was in Kuala Lumpur and I had the chance of meeting Reboiy T who is an entrepreneur and a freelance model and also a public figure.

I really admire him for being able to do so many things at one go. A model. An Entrepreneur. A public figure.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

張惠妹 A-mei @ Project WAO

Roaming Around The Red House at Ximending

Although it may appear out of time and out of place, the Red House (西門紅樓) has been an anchor for the Ximen area and bustling shopping streets that have grown up around it over the past 100 years. Its name owing to the instantly recognizable red brick construction, this octagonal building dates to the early years of the 20th century. 

The area now known as Ximending was, during the Japanese colonial period, a residential area for the city's Japanese population. As Taipei grew, so did the need for shopping centers, thus Red House was born as a fashion and goods market.

Show Your Support for Bryan Toro in Project Superstar

Project SuperStar is a singing talent search competition organized by MediaCorp and broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 pm on Channel U in Singapore

Project SuperStar was organised to uncover and develop young talent in Mandarin pop in Singapore. Closely modelled after the Pop Idol, 24 contestants were selected to enter the Quarter Finals of the competition. 

For both seasons, it was hosted by Quan Yi Fong and Jeff Wang. Episodes were pre-recorded, and broadcast on Wednesday for male contestants, while episodes on Thursday feature female contestants. 

Result shows were shown on the same Thursday of the week at 11:30 pm. Season 3's Live-telecast will begin on 18 August 2014 and the finale is set to be on 26 October 2014. It is announced that Dasmond KohJeremy Chan and Shane Pow will be the hosts for the third season.

I am really elated to know that one of my friends, Bryan Toro got through the auditions and is now in TOP 12.

His full name is Wong Kah Wan, Bryan Toro. Age 24 and currently working at Hark Music as a music instructor.

He started learning singing when he was at the age of 14, But his parents didn't agree with this passion of his. He started working at hotel as a waiter and dish washer. 

He got his ABRSM G8 when he was 16. After some convincing, his mom saw something in him and let him pursue his dream in LASALLE in Singapore.

For more on Bryan Toro, check out his interview at : -

Group photo!

Do check him out at Project Superstar and show him your full support!

OOTD: Let's go BROWN

Albert's Birthday Treats to Darryl

Thanks Albert for the treat! The food's delicious. And we sang our hearts out at Party World!