Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fireworks at Berjaya Times Square


Wishing Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!


Room Service at Dorsett Hotel

It was 2am and hungry and bored. Ordered room service!

Goodbye Mirjana Puhar. Mirjana involved in TRIPLE HOMICIDE.

Rest in Peace, Mirjana! Even though I don't like you on America's Next Top Model, you were a good model!

extracted from TMZ site.

Police have arrested 19-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Rangel and charged him with 3 counts of 1st degree murder.
The boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado was 23 ... and the third victim was 21-year-old Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia. 
Mirjana Puhar -- a recent "America's Next Top Model" contestant -- was killed Tuesday in a triple homicide at her boyfriend's home in Charlotte, NC ... TMZ has learned.
A source who was very close to Mirjana confirmed to TMZ that she was one of the 3 victims found dead in a home that belonged to Mirjana's boyfriend. The source says a friend of the couple went to the house after getting a call that gunshots were heard.
We're told the friend went into the house, saw 2 bodies -- Mirjana and the bf -- and then called police to report the killings. The friend didn't see the 3rd victim, but did see money scattered around the house.
19-year-old Mirjana was on the 21st cycle of 'ANTM' ... which aired last year. She was eliminated from the show in the 10th episode. 
Law enforcement sources tell us the preliminary investigation leads police to believe the murders were drug related -- and the victims knew the killer.  
Our Mirjana source says the young model had only been with the boyfriend for a few months.

Shopping around KL / Meeting my Buddy

We ate at Sungei Wang and then met up with my buddy, Soon!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Esquire Lounge/ Shopping at Kuala Lumpur

First Night at Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

It's been a long time since I stepped foot to KL. The last time I went KL was last year!

I prefer traveling by coach than fly by plane when going to KL.

The Dorsett Regency is an older hotel -so is a bit worn out - but is still very comfortable. We booked a Deluxe Premier room to have more space - and the room was spacious with a city view - we could see the Petronas Towers which was great. The bed and pillows were so comfortable- perfect balance of firmness and softness. 

We arrived at 5am in the morning thus we thought we weren't able to check in yet. But to our surprise, he allowed us to have an early check in! Thank god. Els ewe will be roaming around the streets!

The pool was great. 

The location of the Dorsett Regency was perfect - just around the block from Jalan Bukit Bintang - where there are 2 malls and we found a great Arab restaurant called Sahara which has excellent Turkish coffee. If you are looking for good food at a good price - you can't beat the excellent food court on the basement level of the Pavilion Mall- lots of variety - fantastic food - and very cheap!! We ate there every night except 1. From the Pavilion Mall you can easily access the Petronas Towers area.

I am a bathtub person. So if there's bathtub in the hotel, I will give the hotel above 4 stars! Woohoo!

A Love Letter From The Universe

You’re going to reach a point when you’ve had enough. When your fire is muted, each small piece of coal having abandoned its orange glow, settling into the sea of dark gray matter. At some point, your fight will leave you. You’ll wrap your arms around your knees and hug so tightly, holding yourself together when you so desperately want to fall apart.
There’s going to be a time you unravel, come apart at the seams, and puddle loosely on the hardwood floor that hasn’t been swept since St. Patrick’s Day of last year.
There’s going to be a time when you feel like you’re not doing your best work. When you feel like you’re not being your best self. When you sit in the silence and think about what can change, picking at your cuticles and feeling like you’re wasting time. Contemplating an early wake up time, more space for dreaming, more movement, and more blissful mess before shaking your head and shuttering the windows.
There’s going to be a time when you can’t sleep. When each second that passes just drives home that YOU. ARE NOT. AT PEACE. Tossing and turning and doubting and loathing. Times when you sleep too much, your legs too heavy and your brain too battered from the sheer exhaustion of always running from who you’re terrified of becoming.
There’s going to be a time when you fall in love, quickly and without reservation, just as there will be a time when you fall out of love just as harshly, the reality smacking you in the nose as you stare across the table at the person you once thought you’d be with forever and realize you no longer want to brush your fingers over the freckles on their shoulders, that you no longer want to combine the heat of your body with the heat of their body, that you no longer like their company.
There’s going to be a time when you just want to rest. Crawl into a dark, warm cocoon and rest your weary bones until the soul sickness subsides. Until you can, once again, pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps and take one more step forward. (Because after all, a tiny step forward is still a step forward.)
There’s going to be a time when you compare yourself to others. To the woman standing in front of you in line, effortlessly poised in her nude heels. To the runner who’s 20 yards ahead of you during each and every race. To your Facebook friend from high school who you haven’t spoken to in years, but is now (seemingly) happily married with two kids, even though they sometimes post racist articles and you’re not even sure you want to share a beer with them–let alone share their life.
There’s going to be a time when you want to give up. On your candle-making business. On your 5K. On your relationship. On your life.
And while it’s okay to stumble, stutter over declarations and temporarily lose your way, know this:
There’s going to be a time when you realize that all the things that have made your insides ache in that deep, hollow chamber somewhere between your ribs, are the same things that have been the most transformative. That have helped you define yourself. That have shown you what you’re capable of going through and coming out the other side better off.
There’s going to be a time when only you know what’s best for you. When no amount of advice or research or psychic readings or wishing and wishing and wishing into your fisted hands and the dead of night can guide you as well as your gut.
There’s going to be a time when you look back on all the other times and feel the nostalgia settle in your stomach for the days your insomnia granted you late-night trips to dimly-lit diners. A time when you let go of the anger and bitterness and disappointment and sadness, releasing it into the wind and watching it dissolve like all things dissolve–slowly, and completely.
I know it can be hard to remember how brilliant you are. How your smile is unlike anyone else’s smile in the whole entire world. How you are an important and nonnegotiable part of this large and stunning universe. How your eyelashes so perfectly catch your sweat. The way the hairs on your arms stand up in a standing ovation when the jazz band on the corner hits the perfect note.
But when the path seems dark, and lonely, and likely riddled with murderers and/or pillaging pirates, remember.
Remember the way it feels to blow out birthday candles, the gentle puff of your breath holding the power to change the world. Remember the way your muscles melt after a late summer hike. Remember that you are strong. And you are capable. And you are whole.
You are enough, regardless of where you’ve been or where you plan on going.
And you should be so very proud of yourself. For being here. For sticking around. And for trying, every single day. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Do Other Have Better Life

Try not to compare your life and other people's lives. Be happy for them - even strangers. It will make your life more peaceful and happier. In the meantime, be grateful you have what some people don't have like the sight to see, the senses to feel, taste etc Sometime you can help to comfort your own mind and soul by just going for a walk and people watch. It helps to remind yourself you are far better than some people despite the problems/life issues you have. Besides, we don't know what people are going through. We can only assume and assumptions can be unhealthy at times. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Interlude; The Next Chapter of Blogging

Taking a short break before proceeding to blog again.
Meantime enjoy this music video! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wala Wala Ushers In The Year of the Goat With Festive Specials

 Wala Wala is welcoming the Chinese New Year with a dazzling array of specials, perfect for festive gatherings to usher in the Year of the Goat!

Bring out the bubbly! For February 2015, enjoy a bottle of Mumm Champagne for only $136nett (UP $160, SAVE $24) when you flash the WATSinside app. G.H. Mumm is a brightly sparkling, light golden yellow champagne with an abundance of fine and elegant bubbles. Its taste is an explosion of freshness in the mouth, followed by strong persistence. The complex aromas of fresh fruit and caramel perpetuate the intensity. The special discount is exclusive to those who download the WATSinside app from the App Store or Google Play.

Wala Wala is also bringing more Chinese New Year delights with month-long in-house promos (available to all), including:

Ø  Glenlivet 15 years @ $14nett per glass, $280nett per bottle, $480nett per twin bottle, $620nett per triple bottle

The Glenlivet 15’s distinctive character is the result of selective maturation; a proportion of the spirit is matured in a selection of French Oak casks for a limited period, so as not to overpower the final result.

Ø  Absolut Vodka @ $10nett per glass, $140nett per bottle, $240nett per twin bottle, $320nett per triple bottle

Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. In fact Absolut is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.

Ø  Martell @ $13nett per glass, $210nett per bottle, $410 per twin bottle

Martell VSOP Médaillon (‘Very Superior Old Pale’) bears a gold medallion engraved with the portrait of Louis XIV and commemorates the year 1715, which saw the end of the Sun King’s reign and the birth of the House of Martell. This cognac is made with skillfully blended, mature eaux-de-vie from the four finest growths of the Cognac region.

Ø  Bitburger Premium Pils @ $14nett per pint all night long

Note first the bright, fresh golden colour and rich frothy head so typical of this elegant Pilsner beer. Its refined herbal notes are delicately poised, followed by a nutty and honeyed aftertaste. The overall impression of this gently sparkling beer is one of deep harmony, with the unmistakeable bitterness of the hops balanced and contained by an agreeable, mellow sweetness in the body.

Valentine Cupcakes!