Friday, October 31, 2014

Grace Mitchell - Maneater

Jang Yoon Joo Won me Over with Her Sincere Constructive Criticism to her Contestants

Jang Yoon Joo does a very good job hosting the show; she is very entertaining and her personality seems original (unlike other countries where the host tends to copy Tyra Banks’ personality). Her charisma really shines through the show, and her constructive criticism seems real. Even if she scolds one of the models, you can really tell she genuinely cares about them. She makes the perfect combination of role model, friend, and host.

I Will Choose Korea Next Top Model Over America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model’s past cycles have focused more on creating drama among the contestants than on the actual competition. KNTM, on the other hand, focuses on the development on the models. Yes, there is the occasional drama and love lines, especially now with guys added to the competition, but it doesn’t overshadow the main purpose of the show: the competition. The models’ stories have been very engaging and are very relatable to the viewers. That drama was shown in a very emotional challenge for the models and was very compelling.

Moreover, the show’s challenges so far have been very creative, and the quality of the production has even triumphed over the original American version. From creating the show’s title credits, to posing in a genderless fashion photoshoot, KNTM hasn’t ceased to surprise the viewers. The sets and photoshoots done so far have been visually stunning and inspiring. Just look at the opening title for the show; it’s amazing!

These are my Favorite 3 Contestants from Korea Next Top Model Cycle 5.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

AMEI posing With only A Rainbow Cloth

NUM NewUrbanMale launched New Series

Click on the link : to view more!

The Pump Room presents Walking Dead

Presented by
Get freaky-freaked with Pump Room this Halloween for a eerie, spooky Walking Dead experience. Be zombiefied and behold as the horror is gonna catch you off guard. Presenting to you the ghostly Halloween with the Walking Dead theme by Pump Room Clarke Quay.

​Enjoy the favourite Frankenstein cocktail at only $18!

Put on your scariest outfit this year when you’re in Pump Room to win prizes for the scariest zombie is gonna walk away with attractive prizes!
See y'all there!

Date: Friday 31 October 2014
Time: Doors open at 830PM onwards
Venue: Pump Room, Clarke Quay
Ticket at the Door: First drink charge

I Love Smoothie King

Smoothie King, around since the 70s in the US, was developed to provide healthy smoothies that do not taste bad. 

After trying the usual citrus smoothies, I decided to try the Almond Banana Smoothie ($6.90) recently which comes with 13 grams of protein. I must say that it was not too heavy and had a good balance flavour to it. The shakes here could be a meal replacement by itself perhaps.

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I will have the occasional smoothie craving especially when the weather’s really hot. Good news for those like me - here I’ll be introducing Smoothie King’s 500-calorie combo meal offers ($9.90) made with wraps or salad, and fruit/veggie smoothies! 
I had the chance to try it out at the 313 Somerset branch for dinner, and it was really a refreshing and healthy change compared to the usual dinner or even lunches of mixed rice, majority of meat, and very little greens/fruits. I ordered the Spicy Chicken wrap, and it was substantial enough to fill me up. The chicken was not marinated or oily on its own, but instead relies on the chili sauce to give it a flavor boost. I enjoyed the crunch in my lettuce as well!
To go with the wrap, you get to choose between 5 smoothies - Gladiator Pineapple Mango, Slim N’ Trim Strawberry, Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Beautiful or Angel Food aka Strawberry Banana. (For more details on the nutritional info of each of the smoothie, click on the link of the smoothie names.)
My favorite smoothie was Angel Food, only because it was in such a delightful shade of pink and I liked the combined taste of banana and strawberry! Otherwise, I would recommend the Apple Kiwi Kale, my next favorite. The good thing about the smoothies is that they are not overly sweet, and I could taste the fruits inside quite distinctively. The ice blended formula is also very welcome for our warm climate (and personally for me, to douse the fire ignited by the Spicy Chicken wrap!)

My Third Visit To Hualong Fish Steamboat and I Never Get Bored of the Food!

Established since 2003, Hualong Fishhead Steamboat is renowned for its heartwarming Charcoal Fishhead Steamboat and many other dishes. In 2011 August they're proud to be featured on Mediacorp Channel 8's Sizzling Woks 3. This is a true testament to their passion and commitment for creating delectable tasting food. 
We were awarded a certificate for "Fine culinary skills in Fish Head Steamboat" by "Singapore Best Online Food Directory”. 

Certificate of "Excellent Food Award in 2013”.

By "Where to Eat in Singapore" 

Located at i Coffee Shop, Block 347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2142 

Singapore 560347. 

Right Opposite Ang Mo Kio Hub. 

Reservation Tel: 6457 2275 / 9696 5663

Opening Hours:

11am-2.30pm , 4.30pm-11pm (Daily)

Payment by Nets/Visa/Master & Credit Card are available at Hualong.

We Love Genki Sushi

This awesome place is value for money! The prices are very much reasonable for the quality and amount of food. I personally like the spicy salmon sushi, lobster salad sushi, sashimi salad and clams salad! Go for this place if you do not wish to spend too much for food in town. Food is served rather quickly and I give this place a 10/10 for creativity. The food is delivered through a conveyor belt like toy train and ordering is also hassle-free with the ipad at each and every table. You can even keep track of your spending by checking the total bill on the ipad!