Thursday, November 27, 2014

Partying at G Star

Party don't stop in Taiwan! Woohoo! G-Star is definitely more happening than Jump! Go G-Star on Fri and Sat!

New Taiwan friend!

I can honestly tell you, whenever I see this photo below, I laughed really hard. Because the guy on the right photobombed our photo. Kent was about to click the camera when he abruptly walked towards us. He stopped for a good 2 seconds and looked into the camera! Haha! Kent snapped the photo.

With Wonder from Korea. He's a really quiet person! LOL!

23 Long Jiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan, 10492

Drinking at Mudan Bar, Taipei!

Mudan is one of the bigger terrace bars in the gay village, offering a wide range of wines, beers and cocktails. Popular with the trendy gay boys and girls of all ages, and makes a good place to meet up with friends before hitting the clubs.

ust outside of the Red House in Ximending is one of the best areas in Taipei to sit outside and enjoy a beer. Away from the bright lights and crowds of teenagers in search of the latest trends, there is a completely different world made up of bars and underwear stores catering to gay men.

While these bars are aimed at a predominantly gay crowd, there are usually just as many straight people enjoying a drink on weekends.  Most of the bars in this area offer great specials on beers allowing you to get 3 cold Heinekens for as little as NT$180.

Mudan is just one of many patio bars to choose from, notable because they have a friendly staff, free wifi and a great selection of cocktails.

In short, if you’re looking for a place to spend a chill evening with friends, but aren't interested in clubs or smoky bars, Ximending probably has something for you.

From left to right: Wayne( guy in red shirt),  Taylor, Betta, Jason, Eddie, Wonder, Me, Ernest, Gia and her husband, Taufiq.

Address: No. 10, Lane 43 Chengdu Road, Wanhua District;  萬華區成都路10巷43號

MRT: XiMen
Hours: Mon - Thu: 15:00 - 00:30; 
Fri - Sat: 15:00 - 01:30; 
 Sun: 15:00 - 00:30

Evil / Good / Evil


Waiting for my LOVE



Murdered in Taiwan Jungle!



Filmed in Taiwan ! Murdered because of inheritance!

When Things Get Too Raunchy at G Star

Taipei News: Added a New Line

If you haven’t heard already, there’s much ado about the MRT’s Nanjing Rd. (Green) line opening up, effectively connecting the Northeast of Taipei to the rest of the civilized world. The date has been set for opening this Saturday (Nov 15) at 6AM, and better yet, the line will be free to ride for the first month!
However, while many are ecstatic about the added accessibility, some will have to alter their daily commute a bit, adding at least one transfer to their route. You can rest assured though, this will be the last major route change in MRT history even as new lines open up in the future.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 2 in Taipei: The Rain is Like Snow

So it has been raining continuously but the rain didn't feel like rain. It felt like snow instead. It was 13degrees Celsius!

We decided to walk around Taipei 101 and explore a few places that I have not explored before. I decided to skip the visit to the top floor of 101 because I have been there 3 to 4 times already!

I also decided to try a few clothes especially from Zara store in 101. Bought this jacket for an affordable price!

Love Ethan's billboard photo!

We had lunch at one of the cafés at Shin Kong. Desserts. Desserts. Desserts!

Love You, Jolin! Performance at Ximen!

This will be my 5th time seeing her in person, performing at ximending! And her dance moves are getting more sleek! 

She performed Third person and Play during her performance! And afterwards, autograph session!

Videos coming up soon!

Crazy Woman Smashes Salon!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back to the Start: My Journey in Taiwan

For me, if I travel, I don't really care if I am flying by Scoot, or Tiger or Jetstar or AirAsia or SIA, all that matters is it will bring me to my destination. I rather have more money on spendings on food and leisure when in that country rather than spending more on air tickets. I am not born rich, nor have super high salaries. So this is how I spend my money on! Definitely not on expensive air tickets.

I flew off with my trusted sidekick, Darryl!

I also don't really order food on board because they're really expensive. But I was hungry, really hungry!

We arrived Taoyuan Airport at 930pm and was greeted by our good friend, Elliot!

I love their 7-11 food and drinks! Totally different from Singapore!

Very creative right?

We stayed over at Elliot's house from 8 - 12 November!

There are many dog owners in Taiwan and they love to dress up their dogs!

We visited many cafes and schools and restaurants, thanks to Elliot.

But that will be in another entry. Let me finish this entry with a photo of me at St. Ignatius High School station!